Rescue Eternal Desert (2021) (en)

Rescue Eternal Desert 2021

Rescue Eternal Desert Download - The dog Jiu of the Seventh Escort wanted to run away from home and set up another door. He heard that the strongest Escort Lingyun would pass through the Hongchuan Canyon, so he went to see the grand dart with his good brother Lightning Ball. Unexpectedly, the two on the road encountered the RX-5 robot robbing the Lingyun Dart Team and were accidentally involved in a dispute. Although successfully prevented the Jie Dart, the Lingyun Dart team suffered heavy losses, and Kenjiu was also injured and unconscious. The people who came to the rescue found an unconscious dog Jiu and a girl lying in a transport cabinet... This was the beginning of this lucky and unfortunate teenager's adventure in the Red Desolate Continent.
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